MJF: ‘Brodie Lee Gave Me A Message After His Passing’

MJF has claimed that he was able to speak with the late Brodie Lee via a medium, after the former AEW TNT Champion’s sudden passing.

Lee, real name Jon Huber, passed away in December 2020 at the age of 41. Lee’s final match would take place in October of that year, where he lost the TNT title to Cody Rhodes. Lee’s cause of death was ruled as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; a rare illness that thickens and stiffens tissue in the lungs.

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MJF Speaks With Brodie Lee

Over three years after his passing, Lee’s legacy stands strong in AEW and he is remembered fondly by fans and talent alike. Speaking about Lee this week, MJF shared that he initially visited a medium to speak to his grandfather who had passed close to when Lee died.

“Before I left, they said… ‘Whoa, there’s this big individual that has just walked into the room, he’s got a big scraggly beard, and he said he needs you to send a message to his wife.’ and I’m like, who the hell is this? The medium looks at me and goes, ‘his wife’s name is Amanda. Amanda Huber.'”

MJF was “freaked out” by the medium’s comments, and this feeling continued as the medium spoke in the manner and cadence MJF associated with Lee. The conversation ended with Lee sharing a message to MJF to pass on to his widow Amanda.

“I walk up to Amanda at TV the next week, and I tell her this insane story. Her eyes start welling up because she was searching for this message. She had got her answer that day. So even in the afterlife, Brody really loved and cared about his wife and kids.”

Brodie Lee evidently had a profound effect on those who knew him and MJF is just one of many to have been impacted by Lee and the legacy of the late wrestler. To this day, Lee’s influence carries on, with AEW & Reebok teaming up to create new footwear based on the star.

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