MJF Pays Homage To NHL Team At Forbidden Door, Possibly Debuts New Finisher

It was not only fight night for MJF at AEW Forbidden Door but it was hockey night too as he tipped the cap to a certain NHL team.

MJF started off AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door in his booked match against Hechicero and “The Wolf” ended up getting the victory against the CMLL star.

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Being in Long Island, MJF was in full babyface mode as he was decked out in New York Islanders gear and took a moment to crowd surf with his people, His match was made all the more memorable for him as he and Hechicero kicked off the PPV. MJF ended up securing the victory with a brainbuster.

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From a storyline perspective, MJF has been a busy man since making his return at AEW Double Or Nothing. Despite his heelish demeanor, MJF has been a babyface scorned by the enemies of his past, but hasn’t been afraid to speak his mind against anyone and everyone.

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Just this past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, he and Daniel Garcia seemingly furthered a friendship with what seemed to culminate in a match at All In between the two, but Will Ospreay big-timed Max. Ospreay decided to offer Garcia a shot at his AEW International gold next week during Summer Break 3. Not only that, but Will was so confident in the outcome at Forbidden Door that ‘Billy Goat’ offered Daniel a World Title shot too once he defeated Swerve Strickland at Forbidden Door. This seemingly set up tension between MJF and Ospreay, potentially foreshadowing that they may be the two to have a match with one another at Wembley Stadium.

Many fans may feel that Max’s match at Forbidden Door against Hechicero felt underwhelming in the build because it was suddenly thrown together without any story behind it. Hechicero just recently turned heel as he joined up with Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony.

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