Pat McAfee & Bill Belichick React To Tony Khan Selling His Neck Injury At NFL Draft

The NFL Draft may be the true forbidden door of pro wrestling as Pat McAfee actually chimed in about Tony Khan and the notorious AEW storyline that took place this week.

The color commentator for WWE RAW had his own panel at the NFL Draft in Detroit, one that featured his Pat McAfee Show co-horts and not to mention, arguably the greatest head coach of all time Bill Belichick.

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Belichick was on-hand when the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. with the 23rd overall pick. McAfee noted how Thomas will be a key piece for quarterback Trevor Lawrence who throughout his three-year career has gotten injured from time to time on the NFL gridiron. That’s when McAfee caught sight of Khan in a neckbrace, clearly selling the attack on him by The Young Bucks during AEW Dynamite. McAfee played along, but did mention that the Jaguars head coach, had to be curious about Khan’s ailment.

“Last thing we need is him to look like Tony Khan who took a Meltzer Driver, just the other night, Wednesday night, he took a Meltzer Driver I do believe, guy’s got a broken neck and he’s battling through so he can pick up Brian Thomas Jr. and that [Shad Khan] mustache is never not gonna be sweet and [head coach] Doug Pederson is three seats away going, ‘What the f*** is going on?'”

That last line got a laugh out of Bill Belicheck.

“Mad Mel” Of Pat McAfee Show Wants Tony Khan To “Stick With The Gimmick”

One man on the Pat McAfee Show panel who did call Khan out on the angle was “draft analyst” “Mad Mel.”  “Mel,” a potty-mouth parody of legendary draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. commented on Khan not going the whole nine yards with the supposed injury.

“I understand keeping up with the gimmick. Someone should tell Tony Khan, ‘Hey, if you have a neckbrace on, don’t f***ing move around like nothing’s wrong. You stick with the gimmick and look straight ahead like your neck’s broken, okay?’ What are we doing here?”

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Rich Eisen on the NFL Network also playfully put the angle over, hoping TK stays safe in his recovery.

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