Swerve Strickland Says MJF Will Have To Earn The Right To Challenge For AEW Title

Swerve Strickland knows MJF challenging him for the World Title is a real possibility but according to him, the returning star has a lot of work to do before he gets a shot at the title.

The Salt of The Earth made his triumphant return at tonight’s Double or Nothing PPV and confronted Adam Cole. After taking out Cole, MJF confirmed that he will not be leaving AEW anytime soon.

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Swerve took part in the post-Double or Nothing media scrum after successfully defending the AEW title against Christian Cage at the PPV. He was asked about the possibility of the Devil challenging for his title, and Strickland said that it’s a real possibility:

“It’s a possibility, and that’s the beauty of this whole company: everything’s possible. I know he has probably some unfinished business with what Undisputed Kingdom did to him and Adam Cole, he probably wants to finish up some things. But it just goes to show you, I’m not one of the ones you can just walk over and come at any time, any place, anywhere when you see fit. While you were gone, I was building. And while I was building, I was making this place a fortress.”

You’ve Got Work To Do: Swerve Strickland

Swerve Strickland said that he is not against MJF challenging for the title at a future date. According to the current champion, however, our favorite scumbag will have to prove himself worthy of a title shot first:

“So you can come in. And I’m not even saying you can’t even challenge for the World Championship. But you got work to do, just like I had work to do. You’ve got work to do. Show me something, because this ain’t the same All Elite Wrestling from where you left.”

The AEW star said that the company has changed a lot since MJF lost the AEW title at the World’s End PPV in December last year. It’s up to the former champion to figure out where he fits in this new picture of the promotion.

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You can check out the full Double or Nothing media scrum below:

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