Tony Khan On AEW Possibly Working With WBD, Fox & Disney

When you wish upon a star...

Tony Khan has a lot of optimism when it comes to AEW’s future, both in television and in ever-changing streaming world.

Speaking to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer, the AEW President shared his enthusiasm in the possibility of AEW PPVs finding itself under the umbrella of the new Venu Sports venture. Venu Sports is the forthcoming sports streaming service that will showcase Fox, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery possibily teaming up for a super channel. Khan called it a “really exciting opportunity.”

“I think (Venu Sports) could be something we could be part of and it’s a really interesting conversation. That’s a whole new conversation and that’s a new world.”

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Right now, Khan and AEW have found a PPV home on Triller TV with Forbidden Door airing on the service Sunday evening. Triller also is hosting the older PPVs of AEW, something that has been in great demand for fans.

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Tony Khan Praises WBD CEO David Zaslav

While Tony Khan states he’s excited for the future with AEW and WBD, he reaffirms the relationship he has with WBD CEO David Zaslav. Khan even goes as far as to say Zaslav shows as much support for pro wrestling as Ted Turner once did with WCW.

“I don’t think that Warner Bros has had such a hands-on boss who has overseen a studio like this since Ted Turner was here at TNT and TBS like we have with David (Zaslav). There is a supreme commander at the top of Warner Bros Discovery and he loves AEW and I have a great relationship with him and I think it’s going to go a long way towards really keeping something that is very important to me alive, which is wrestling on TBS, TNT.”

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Before the summer, there was an initial report that the first offered deal between WBD and AEW left Khan disappointed, but the aforementioned Observer gave its own report refuting that.

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