Tony Khan Wants Bryan Danielson To Stay In AEW Forever

The final countdown is on for Bryan Danielson’s full-time wrestling career. The All Elite Wrestling superstar plans to work as a part-time talent later this year to spend more time with his family. Although he is committed to finishing his run as a full-time wrestler, fans are curious if he’ll stick around with AEW when the deal is up for renewal. However, it seems AEW President Tony Khan fully intends to re-sign Danielson to keep him with the company. 

In an interview with CBS Sports, Khan shared that he wants to keep ‘The American Dragon’ in the company forever. 

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CBS Sport’ Shakiel Mahjouri transcribed the following quotes. 

“I would like Bryan to stay, in a perfect world, forever here in whatever capacity he’d stay with us in,” Khan said. He continued, “I’d hope that Bryan would finish his wrestling career here. I would do anything to make that happen. I want Bryan to stay with us wrestling as long as possible. I know that he’s talked about an exit from full-time wrestling, which is what he’s been doing this year whenever he’s been healthy.” 

The AEW President continued the interview by praising Danielson’s career in the company and sharing his commitment to keeping him long-term. 

“…I think Bryan Danielson fits on AEW like a glove. As long as he will consider wrestling with us, that door is always open. I would bend over backwards for him and do anything for Bryan Danielson.”

Khan’s public declaration of wanting to re-sign Danielson should reassure AEW fans, as the beloved superstar’s contract is set to expire soon. 

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 When Does Bryan Danielson Contract Expire? 

Danielson has shared openly that his current deal will end ahead of AEW All In on August 25. Despite his contract expiring beforehand, ‘The American Dragon’ wants to compete at the event and AEW WrestleDream on October 12

Although a new agreement hasn’t been signed, Khan hopes Danielson will stay with AEW.

“…I don’t know whether he’ll be wrestling full-time after that, but I really hope Bryan will stay with me here in the office forever… I talk to Bryan pretty much every day whenever I can. So I hope that will continue for the rest of our lives,” said Khan

It’s unclear if Danielson will consider testing free agency after he finishes his commitment. For now, he is focused on making the most out of the current AEW run and wrestling matches that fans won’t forget.