Will Ospreay Fires Back At Critics Of His Lighter Schedule After Double or Nothing 2024 Win

Will Ospreay has challenged any wrestler in the world who thinks he is the best, to come and challenge him for the AEW International Championship.

The Aerial Assassin took part in the post Double or Nothing 2024 media scrum after defeating Roderick Strong to win the title at the PPV event. The AEW star was asked if he was thinking about his family while winning the title.

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Ospreay explained that he is always thinking about his family and they are the most important aspect of his life. He also took a jab at the people who criticize his decision to pick a lighter work schedule, asking them to show anyone who is better than him:

“I think about my family in every decision I ever make. My family is the most important aspect of my life and yeah more time with my family was the main reason why I took this job but also becoming one of the best professional wrestlers on the planet. I think a lot of people want to look past that. They just think I’m not working as hard but like if you can show me a wrestler that is working at the same level as I am…like, be my fucking guest bro. This is the one thing that I’m like, very stern upon and very happy to say.”

I Dare You To Step Through The Door: Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay later expanded on his comments about testing AEW’s partnerships with different companies around the world as the International Champion. He claimed that in his hands the International Title is the best title in the world and anyone who thinks they are better can come and challenge him:

“I’m opening the doors to any professional wrestler that is willing to step through the door and to try and take this championship off me because right now, for me this championship has the lineage of kind of like the workhorse title, right? That’s kind of like what everyone wants to call it. When it’s in my hands, this title is the best wrestling title in the world. And if you think that you are the best wrestler in the world, then I dare you to step through that door. I’ve got the keys to that forbidden door, and it’s very hard to knock through it.”

You can check out the full Double or Nothing media scrum below: