Mark Briscoe Announces Birth of Son Matthew Jamin Pugh Named After Late Brother Jay

Ring of Honor World Champion Mark Briscoe is celebrating the birth of his son who has been named in tribute to Mark’s late brother Jay. 

Taking to Twitter, Mark shared some photos of Matthew Jamin Pugh and declared that ‘God is Good.’ The Jamin name comes from Jay Briscoe, whose real name was Jamin Pugh. 

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Jay Briscoe passed away in January 2023 after being involved in a car accident mere minutes from his home in Laurel, Delaware. Jay’s two daughters were seriously injured in the collision but have been making strides in their recovery. The driver of the other vehicle was also killed in the crash.

Tributes to Jay Briscoe

Matthew’s name isn’t the only tribute to Jay who was deeply respected in the world of professional wrestling. Stars from WWE, AEW, and elsewhere paid tribute to Jay after his death and AEW would release a touching tribute to him as well. 

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Tributes to Jay would extend past the world of professional wrestling. Laurel Middle School, where Jay would regular get involved as part of his daughters’ education, named a locker room in memory of the wrestler

It is a tragedy that young Matthew Jamin Pugh will never meet the uncle who he is named after. Despite this, Jay Briscoe’s legacy continues to live on, both in the wrestling world and in the Pugh household. 

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