Matt Cardona Comments On ECW ONS References On GCW PPV

Matt Cardona recently commented on the ECW One Night Stand 2006 references in his match against Joey Janela on The WRLD On GCW PPV. Both shows emanated from New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Cardona was on Busted Open Radio recently and talked about his match with Janela.

“There were times in that match where I just had to turn away from the camera because I felt like I was smiling because I was having so much fun in there. I said it last time, Mikey Whipwreck brought me to ECW One Night Stand 2005, and I’ve always wanted to wrestle in that building. I never thought I would have that opportunity,” Cardona said. “To be there it was everything I hoped it would be and more.”

During the GCW show, Cardona wore a t-shirt that had a “If Cardona Wins We Riot” sign printed on it similar to the “If Cena Wins We Riot” sign from ONS 2006. A fan also had the “If Cardona Wins We Riot” sign in the stands during the GCW PPV.

“I had made a t-shirt, ‘If Cardona wins we riot,’ and then someone had the sign,” Cardona said. “People thought I planted that sign, like no. Fans really brought that.” he continued.

Cardona and Janela re-created several spots from the Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena match at One Night Stand. Cardona tossed his t-shirt into the crowd, much like Cena did in 2006. At the ECW ONS show, the fans tossed Cena’s shirt back at him several times. At The WRLD On GCW, one fan ripped up Cardona’s shirt before tossing it back.

At ECW ONS 2006, Edge speared Cena into a table while wearing a motorcycle helmet leading to the finish. At the WRLD on GCW, Brian Myers speared Janela into a door while wearing a similar looking motorcycle helmet, again leading to the finish of the match.

“Because I am such a diehard ECW fan, so that building meant so much to me. I never got to go there for the real ECW shows, but like I said, I saw One Night Stand. I feel like that was the final ECW show. That night was just incredible, but for me, this show at the Hammerstein was even more incredible. Because I got the little tease in 2005, just being a fan hoping one day I get to wrestle there. And then I finally did it and it was everything I thought it would be.”

H/T To WrestlingInc for the above transcriptions.

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