Matt Hardy Reveals How TNA Return Deal Came Together

Matt Hardy says his TNA return is a way to showcase that genuine surprises can still be delivered in wrestling even in today’s age.

The Attitude Era star spoke to Busted Open Radio on Sunday where among other things, he also discussed his return to the Anthem owned promotion during the Rebellion PPV on Saturday night.

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Hardy first reiterated that he loved working for Tony Khan during his time with All Elite Wrestling and that they are still negotiatiating a potential new deal:

“I will start by saying I love AEW, I loved working with Tony Khan. He’s a great guy. My contract ended up expiring and we hadn’t reached a deal yet. We’re still in the midst of talking. I have literally, in the last week, I have talked to every promoter from every promotion that there is.”

Pro Wrestling Is Best When It’s Unpredictable: Matt Hardy

Speaking about his surprise return at the TNA PPV, Matt Hardy claimed that they started talking about it on Wednesday and the deal only came together within a couple days:

“So last night was me showing that pro wrestling can still be unpredictable. I popped up. This was done in a couple days notice. we kind of started talking about this on Wednesday. Then this kind of materialised over a couple days doing some shots for TNA and a little story arc. Pro Wrestling is at its best when it’s unpredictable.”

The former WWE star also revealed that he hadn’t even told his brother Jeff Hardy about the appearance and Jeff only found out after the show was over.

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Matt Hardy confronted TNA World Champion Moose during the PPV event and delivered a Twist of Fate to him. The altercation sets up a match between the two but an official announcement for the same has not been made yet.