MLW War Chamber Results: Team MLW vs. Team WTF, Matt Riddle Defends NJPW World TV Title

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Watch the replay of MLW War Chamber HERE.

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Major League Wrestling is in St. Petersburg, FL and there’s not one, but two rings hoping to contain all the entrants in tonight’s War Chamber as Team MLW will take on the World Titan Federation. The St. Pete Coliseum is packed and they’re ready for action. We’re sure going to get that with a World Featherweight Title fight!

World Featherweight Championship
Unagi Sayaka vs. Janai Kai (c) (presented by Salina de la Renta)

Janai Kai has had a trend of knocking out her opponents in the first several seconds, but not this tie. Sayaka is just about as even as a fighter you can get to combat the ‘Kick Demon’ and there were some still boots by both women! However, that all changed when Janai caught Sayaka in the corner with a bad roundhouse, stacked her up and got the 1-2-3!

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WINNER and STILL MLW World Featherweight Champion: Janai Kai

AJ Francis vs. Alex Kane

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Francis comes out with MSL who joins commentary but AJ also has words in the ring, running down both Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas and disrespecting the BOMAYE Fight Club. Francis keeps running his mouth which finally prompts Kane to cut the BS.

Alex Kane wastes zero time at exacting revenge on Francis, sending the big man to the outside before diving on him! Kane quickly follows up with his patented body splash on the apron! Kane soon splashes Francis into the ring post, but AJ forces him off into the BOMAYE Fight Club who sends their leader back into action. However, Francis pops him up for a massive apron powerbomb!

Francis continues to exude his strength in the ring, and Kane is game to match that, launching Francis up for a big vertical suplex! He then hits a belly-to-back! MSL gets concerned and leaves the booth. When Francis is caught on the ropes, MSL grabs hold of his client and it allows AJ the opportunity to regain momentum and chokeslam Kane! He covers and the ref makes an extremely fast three count!

WINNER: AJ Francis

Post-fight, the BOMAYE Fight Club sans Mr. Thomas is standing in the ring to confront Francis, but instead of attacking they align! Fists are raised and Francis has been backed by BOMAYE! Kane and Thomas are not pleased but definitely have retribution on their minds!

We see AKIRA entering the Coliseum and the first person he sees is Sami Callihan. However, he’s ambushed from behind by RSP and The Calling. This was clearly an orchestrated attack as RSP wraps barbed wire around AKIRA’s face to put him in a crossface! They want to make sure he doesn’t make it to his War Chamber match!

The next match is supposed to involve Devin Diaz, but former bounty hunter Brian Brock attacks him from behind and grabs the mic. He issues an open challenge, but he may have got more than he bargained for in Mads Krule Krugger!

Bryan Brock vs. Mads Krule Krugger

Krugger doesn’t take long to send Brock to the outside and the brawl begins. Members of the Sentai Death Squad help Krugger in his cause both The Black Hand rules with an iron fist. Kendo sticks, and doors are introduced. Kruger comes charging as Brock but Brock moves and Krugger goes through the door. Brock hits his signature lariat and has to fight off more soldiers. He cracks Krugger with both halves of the door, but it doesn’t phase Mads!

He catches Brock with a chokeslam then his full nelson faceplant for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Mads Krule Krugger

Post-fight, it appears that CONTRA aims to zip up Brock in a body bag, but for some reason, Kruger decides against it and instead carries Brock out of the St. Pete Coliseum!

Richard Adonis vs. Bad Dude Tito (presented by Salina de la Renta)

Adonis is making his Major League debut but this one might be a match he puts in the archives. Bad Dude Tito makes quick work of him, nailing Adonis with a Steiner Screwdriver and getting the pinfall.

WINNER: Bad Dude Tito

Tito gets on the mic and makes his reasons known why his signed with MLW: gold. He doesn’t care if it’s Kojima or Rickey Shane Page, he wants to secure a title. Ringside, you can tell Salina de la Renta couldn’t be happier.

NJPW World TV Championship:
Kosei Fujita vs. Matt Riddle (c)

Both these fighters are ready to go and you can tell that by their similar gameplans. Mat work starts it all off for these two and several impressive “stalemates” occur. Fujita hits a beautiful hurricanrana that sends Riddle to the outside, but these two want to settle it in the ring.

Fujita eventually catches Riddle in a front face scissors hold that is looking to do Riddle in, but Riddle fights. He tries to break it in the corner but can’t and finds himself back in the center of the ring. Amazingly, Riddle suplexes himself out of it with a fisherman’s buster. He almost gets a pinfall out of it but doesn’t! He calls an audible and picks Fujita back up for a gutbuster GTS and turns it into a German suplex!

Speaking of German suplexes, Fujita nails Riddle with an avalanche German and nearly gets a pinfall but Riddle just grabs hold of the ropes at the witching hour!

Riddle ends up getting the hard-earned W after hitting a Gotch-style piledriver! Still the champ!

WINNER and STILL NJPW World Television Champion: Matt Riddle

Post-fight Joe Dombrowski catches up with Riddle who makes note that it’s been 6 yeaers since he last challenged for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship and he now wants to change that!

As the War Chamber gets set up we get a special look of Mistico successfully defending his MLW World Middleweight gold in CMLL!

We also get words from Cesar Duran as he makes his massive offer to Salina de la Renta. At Azteca Lucha on May 11 in Chicago, she brings her luchadores and he’ll bring his. Whoever gets the most wins, gets the coveted “key” that Duran now holds in his hands. Will she accept?

It’s main event time.

War Chamber Match
Team MLW vs. Team WTF

The first entrant in the match is Josh Bishop with a decked out MSL in war fatigues. This means that WTF will start off with a man-advantage, but Team MLW picked the right man for the job in Matthew Justice as their first entrant. He’s not alone as Bill Alfonso accompanies him to the ring!

The fight begins and you better believe it doesn’t take long for weapons to get introduced. Bishop and Justice exchange chair shots and kendo stick swings as they try to survive one another’s attack for the first five minutes.

The next man out is Tom Lawlor and Justice takes it to him right away! He knows the deck is stacked against him, but he doesn’t let that slow him down as he fends both fighters off until 1 Called Manders enters the fold. The SGC utlize their tag expertise to maximize their minutes before Davey Boy Smith Jr. is the next fighter to roll out. SGC fight on, but a war helmet gets introduced and the World Tag Team Champions in DBS and Lawlor use it to their advantage.

Next out is Okumura who
is a literal one-man wrecking crew as he takes everybody out before wrapping Tom Lawlor in a figure four!

The fight spreads across the two rings before the final entrant for WTF is in: Richard Holliday. Holliday targets Okumura before we get the Bread Winner himself, MLW World Heavyweight Champion Satoshi Kojima!

The match officially begins and it’s absolute chaos as Matthew Justice makes a major momentum change when he leaps off the top of the cage onto everybody!

Doors are busted, bodies are broken and Team MLW looks to make it all in their favor when Manders and Justice put Holliday onto two tables. Lawlor saves him, delivering chair shots in the corner to Justice who is aiming to climb the cage. However, Manders puts Lawlor in an electric chair and Justice comes leaping off with a tornado DDT, sending Lawlor through the table! MSL sees the writing on the wall and hands Holliday a white powder. Holliday tries to utilize it but gets caught by a Lariato! He gets the 1-2-3 and Team MLW wins!


The celebration is set to begin but who interrupts: CONTRA Unit. Soldiers by the dozens come out and fill the ring as Mads Krugger leads the attack. There’s a familiar face in that mix: IKURO KWON! The death pit fighter returns and mists Matthew Justice in the face! It’s an absolute takeover by CONTRA as they drape the flag over the cage, indicating that a takeover is possibly on the horizon!

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