NXT Star Damon Kemp (Bobby Steveson) Announces WWE Departure

NXT star Damon Kemp (Bobby Steveson) is no longer with WWE.

Bobby Steveson, the older brother of Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson, signed with WWE in August 2021 as part of a new recruit class at the Performance Center. While his brother Gable exited in May 2024 after a disappointing run, Bobby has been featured prominently in NXT, where his tenure has seen several notable storyline developments.

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In May 2022, Bobby joined the Diamond Mine stable. However, he later betrayed his teammates, the Creed Brothers, at the Worlds Collide event, executing a heel turn. This led to a high-stakes Ambulance match against Julius Creed at NXT Halloween Havoc. Bobby’s loss in this match ensured that Brutus Creed would retain his NXT career.

Kemp subsequently aligned himself with the No Quarter Catch Crew (NQCC) stable, signaling a new direction for his character. This progression exemplified WWE’s ongoing efforts to develop new talent and create engaging narratives within its NXT brand.

His final match with the company was on the June 25 episode of NXT, where he suffered a loss to Tavion Heights. Interestingly, Heights has been in the process of being initiated into the NQCC, the same stable Kemp was part of. With this loss, Steveson’s tenure with WWE came to an end, leaving him on the outside of the organization he once called home.

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