Jordynne Grace Hosting Open Challenge At TNA Against All Odds

All eyes are on TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace as she prepares to make history. On June 9, she will challenge NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez for the title at Battleground. The important matchup will be the first time an active TNA superstar and champion will challenge for a WWE title.

While Grace is focused on achieving a career milestone, she has announced her title defense at TNA Against All Odds on June 14. 

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‘The Juggernaut”‘ shared on Sirus XM Busted Open with Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca that she will hold an open challenge for her championship at the TNA pay-per-view. 

After Grace revealed that her title match was an open challenge, it immediately caught the attention of Dreamer and wrestling fans. TNA Against All Odds, taking place after NXT Battleground, has people wondering if a WWE talent will accept her challenge.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported that the ongoing relationship between WWE and TNA could extend beyond NXT Battleground. Due to Grace hosting an open challenge, it’s plausible for anyone from the NXT women’s roster to make an appearance. That said, it’s still unclear if that is what’s being planned, and it’s possible TNA could have her face a talent from their roster. 

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 Regardless, Grace’s announcement adds more anticipation for what will happen at NXT Battleground.

Jorydnne Grace On Potentially Becoming NXT Women’s Champion

Grace’s match against Perez will also mark the first time they will compete against each other. ‘The Juggernaut’ noted that they both grew up in Texas but never had the chance to interact. Although it will be her initial encounter with Perez, Grace feels prepared to win the NXT Women’s Championship. She has already decided that she would be willing to compete on any TNA and NXT events if needed as champion. 

“…Honestly, I’m prepared to put my nose to the ground and grind it out again. I did it for years when I was on the Indies, so I’m not a stranger to it, and I’m ready to do it again,” said Grace. 

The TNA Knockouts Champion will be in for the match of her life when she faces Perez next month. If she is successful, Grace holding both titles would be a historic moment for WWE and TNA. 

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