Will Ospreay Pitches Scott D’Amore To Run ROH

Will Ospreay loves the passion of Scott D’Amore and he thinks that incorporating him into the AEW product would be extremely valuable to the company.

Speaking with Adrian Hernandez ahead of AEW Double Or Nothing, Ospreay expressed how much he respects the former TNA President and praises D’Amore for being the catalyst for the continued success of TNA despite no longer being with the promotion.

“I can’t tell you enough how much respect I have for Scott D’Amore. If there was anything that I want to put out there; if there was a way that AEW could hire Scott D’Amore in any type of fashion.”

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Ospreay had one idea in mind as to how Tony Khan could utilize the talent and mind of Scott D’Amore.

“Have that guy run Ring of Honor or something. The passion that he had for TNA, and just how he completely single handily transformed that company.”

Tony Khan purchased Ring Of Honor years back and made the brand its own entity. Much to the chagrin of many, all the new programming resides on the ROH Honor Club. Khan has been criticized as to how he has handled the brand as a great deal of the product flies under the radar due to it solely being on Honor Club.

D’Amore was let go by TNA after he was the primary proponent for rebranding the company and since then, D’Amore has trademarkedd “Maple Leaf Wrestling” and is putting on a Border City Wrestling event later this year. Ospreay spent a “cup of coffee” in TNA as a free agent before signing on full-time with All Elite Wrestling.

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H/t to Fightful for the transcription.

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