WWE Alum & Ex-GOP Candidate Daniel Rodimer Indicted In Murder of Wrongly Convicted Man

A former WWE Tough Enough participant and developmental talent has officially been indicted for a murder stemming from an incident in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Daniel Rodimer was indicted on April 26 and is expected to appear before a Nevada judge on May 8. This is all connected to the death of Christopher Tapp who died in October of last year. Tapp was an exonerated man who had served 20 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of killing his friend Angie Doge in 1996. 

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Shortly after his death at a Resorts World Suite, Tapp’s death was ruled as accidental. the coroner’s office later determined it a homicide after discovering blunt force trauma to his head. Investigators have learned that Tapp and Rodimer had a fight before the former was fatally injured in a fall. Rodimer “maintains his complete innocence and looks forward to his day in court” his attorneys said after his indictment. 

This incident isn’t Rodimer’s first run-in with the law. Rodimer has been accused of assault three times but has no convictions. He was arrested on charges of battery in 2010 and admitted to committing the offense. After a six-week anger management course, the charge was dropped.

Daniel Rodimer

Rodimer was part of 2004’s Tough Enough that also featured The Miz, Ryback, and Marty ‘The Boogeyman’ Writ. He was signed a to a developmental contract in 2006 and would compete in Deep South Wrestling. After a handful of appearances on WWE Heat, Rodimer was released in 2007. 

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Rodimer ran for Nevada State Senate on the Republican ballot in 2018 but despite outspending his rival nearly two-to-one, lost to Valerie Weber. He lost the following year in Nevada’s 3rd congressional district. 

In May 2021, Rodimer announced he would be standing in Texas’s 6th congressional district special election. His campaign caught media attention as he dramatically changed his accent and person to appear more Texan. He claimed to have been endorsed by Donald Trump, a claim denied by the former President’s team. He came in eleventh in the primary with 2.6% of the voting share. 

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