NXT Star Amari Miller No Longer With WWE, Calls Out Haters Who Wanted Her To Fail

WWE Superstars can’t stick around the company forever, and it appears that one regular on NXT is now off to start her next chapter in life.

Amari Miller announced her departure from WWE NXT, stating that neither party opted to renew her contract, marking the end of her three-year tenure. 

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Miller started off this story by writing, “Picking up my Crown and going into my next chapter.” Then she had a much longer explanation about her departure.

While expressing gratitude for the opportunities and lessons received during her time with WWE, she acknowledged that her journey with the company has concluded. Miller remains open to the possibility of returning to wrestling in the future but is prepared to explore new opportunities. 

She also revealed her new ring name, Cameron Clay, in the process.

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Amari Miller Addresses Her WWE Departure

Miller says her 3-year contract was up and she wasn’t offered a new deal.

“So today, WWE and I have parted ways, neither one of us decided to resign another contract, so my 3 years are up,” she wrote. “I am beyond grateful of what they have given me and taught me, but my journey there has come to an end, when a door closes one door opens!” 

Miller says she’s not sure if she’ll continue wrestling. She thanked the coaches who trained her and the fans who supported her, and took a dig at the ‘bullsh*t’ haters who wished for her to fail.

“Thank you Coaches, WWE and the fans who actually supported me and not the fans who were bullsh*t!. Wishing me bad during my career lol. Much love! “

Amari Miller’s Personal Struggles

Unfortunately, Miller encountered personal challenges, including struggles with depression and a dark period where she attempted suicide last year. Signs of her potential departure from WWE emerged on her Instagram profile, where she removed all references to the company and reverted to using her real name. Fans observed these changes, leading to speculation about her relationship with WWE.

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What’s Next For Amari Miller

Despite facing challenges and negative feedback from certain fans throughout her career, she expressed appreciation for the support received from coaches, WWE, and genuine fans. Moving forward, she looks forward to embarking on the next chapter of her life.

We will keep a close eye on the pro wrestling landscape, just in case any more releases come around. It is possible that Amari Miller’s departure is an isolated incident, because nobody wants another string of roster cuts, especially on the road to WrestleMania.