Aaron Stevens Doesn’t Think WWE Was Pleased With His Organic Popularity

Aron Stevens, better known to WWE fans as Damien Sandow was one of the most over-stars for a while in the company previously owned by Vince McMahon. However, despite his popularity, the promotion never pulled the plug on him and he was released without ever holding a singles title in his six-year run with the company.

The wrestling star who currently works as a manager as well as an agent for NWA, recently had an interview with Victoire. He compared the creative freedom offered to talents in NWA as opposed to the restrictions he had to face during his time in WWE.

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This prompted the question why his WWE run didn’t turn out as fans were expecting and if Stevens was ‘too good’ for WWE creatively. Answering the question, Aron Stevens explained that someone ‘in the office’ wasn’t a fan of his:

“Look somewhere in the office someone didn’t like what was going on. I did an autograph signing six months ago, and one of the people at the signing was like ‘Hey, I just want you to know something. I had a friend who worked in the office. And when they would get house show reports on you, like they needed to list like the top five reactions, you were always in the top three, usually the top two.

After a while, the boss, you know who that is, said, Do not put Sandow’s name on there anywhere.’ That tells me everything I need to know.

So to answer your question was I too good for WWE? I say I’m just right for NWA.”

Aron Stevens signed with WWE back in July 2010, after having a development run with the company previously. He made his main roster debut as Damien Sandow in May 2012. A few months later, Sandow formed a tag team with Cody Rhodes known as Rhodes Scholars.

Damian would later also win the Money In The Bank briefcase which he cashed in on John Cena. Despite having assaulted Cena before the bout, Sandow failed to win the World Title from him.

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His hugely popular tag team with The Miz was one of Sandow’s career highlights. The two even won the tag team titles at the 2014 Survivor Series event. This was Sandow’s only championship in WWE. He started being used less and less after the tag team broke up and Damian Sandow was finally released from his contract in May 2016.