Update On Asuka’s Knee Injury

WWE Superstars put their bodies on the line for the entertainment of fans every time they step into the ring. Unfortunately, injuries are a regular part of the job and virtually nobody is exempt. Earlier this week, Asuka announced she’s been dealing with a knee injury and we’ve got an update that underscores the importance of this decision.

Approximately two months ago, we covered when Asuka ‘tweaked’ her knee on WWE SmackDown. She’s wrestled a lot since then, which gave us a sense of optimism that she might be able to avoid time off. Unfortunately, the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms it’s the same injury that persists.

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Now that she’s gotten through WrestleMania 40 and Backlash France, where she and Kairi Sane dropped the Women’s tag titles, Asuka will take some time to recuperate and get back to 100%.

More WWE Injuries

WWE Superstars regularly work through injuries, especially during WrestleMania season. Here are some additional wrestlers currently out of action for various reasons:

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Charlotte Flair: Torn ACL, MCL, & Meniscus, out since December 8, 2023, return timeline 9 months.

Erik: Neck Fusion Surgery, injury date September 2023, recovery time unknown.

Sonya Deville: Torn ACL, injury date July 28, 2023, recovery time 6 – 12 months.

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Seth Rollins: Suffered a Grade 2 MCL tear and a partially torn meniscus in his left knee in January. He underwent surgery to repair the torn meniscus on April 16.

Ivar: Storyline injury due to a backstage attack on NXT, to give the Viking Raider some time off.

CM Punk: Successfully underwent surgery to repair torn triceps, stopped using brace, mobility improving through recovery and physical therapy.

Alexa Bliss: Pregnancy, out since February 2023, return timeline unknown.

Big E: Broken neck (fractured C1 and C6 vertebrae) that did not require surgery, injury date March 11, 2022. The former WWE Champion has dropped hints that he may never wrestle again.

Carmella: Pregnancy, out since March 2023, currently dealing with drop foot syndrome.