Back From The Dead: Adam Pearce Announces Match For Chad Gable On 6/24 RAW

Despite the scary visual left by The Wyatt Sicks this past Monday, Chad Gable is alive and will actually compete this Monday on WWE RAW.

Despite his X account being hacked by the newly formed faction, WWE RAW General Manager Adam Pearce took to WWE’s account to share the news that a lifeless Chad Gable may have given everyone a fright, but the Alpha Academy leader is good to go this week on RAW. Not only that, but he’ll be in a high-profile fight. Despite Pearce making this announcement free from his own account, Wyatt Sicks still was able to mess with Adam’s good news announcement.

“Several of our social accounts were hacked and now that they’re firmly back under our control we can get back to business. To that end, Chad Gable, everyone saw the heinous attack last week. Despite that attack, and despite being severely shaken up, Chad Gable is medically cleared and will compete this Monday in a triple threat qualifying match for The Money In The Bank ladder match against Braun Strowman and Big Bronson Reed.”

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Pearce actually went on to commend Gable for showing guts and competing this Monday, but if the clip was any indication, Uncle Howdy has more in store for the red brand.

Before being “murdered,” Gable had a very busy Monday as he lost to Braun Strowman and seemingly lost all his underlings of Alpha Academy as the power-hungry wrestler pushed Otis, Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri to their limits. However, with Gable being a primary victim of The Wyatt Sicks, it’ll be intriguing to see if he can manipulate his way back into Otis’ good graces.

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