Mercedes Mone’s AEW Debut Was “Bittersweet” for Bayley

The wrestling fans at TD Garden in Boston were elated to witness Mercedes Mone make her highly-anticipated AEW debut at ‘Big Business’ on March 13. There was another huge superstar who attended the show with less fanfare – Bayley. ‘The Role Model’ was in the stands to cheer for her real-life best friend and she has now reflected on the memorable moment that she was a part of. 

There was a massive buzz around the ‘Big Business’ edition of AEW Dynamite due to Mercedes Mone’s debut. While it was not announced prior, all the hints indicated to what would transpire at the show. Fans soon spotted the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble winner Bayley in the crowd and pictures surfaced on social media. But she didn’t address her presence at the show until now.

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Bayley opens up on Mercedes Mone’s debut

Speaking with Digital Spy, Bayley revealed Mercedes Mone’s contribution to the former’s career. She said Mone has done so much for her and had been there during the milestone moments in her career. She is now returning the favor. ‘The Role Model’ went on to reckon that Mone’s debut was “incredible”:

“She’s the best. I wouldn’t be here without her. She’s done so much for me, even after she was done with WWE, she’s been there for me in my big moments. So I know I need to be there for her continuously throughout the years. It was incredible. I’m just happy that she was on a Wednesday where I’m like, ‘Alright, I can actually make a Wednesday, that’s one of our few days off.'”

Bayley and Mercedes Mone’s friendship dates long back to the days of NXT when Mercedes went by the name, Sasha Banks. During the interview, Bayley admitted that it was “bittersweet” to see Mercedes part ways with WWE. However, she made it clear that she’s very proud of her real-life best friend. She said:

“It was really special to see her celebrate that with her family and her friends and people she started wrestling with and see her welcomed by a new family. It’s bittersweet, but I’m very, very, very proud of her and just so grateful we got to be there.”

Bayley and Mercedes Mone

The duo joined WWE back in 2012 and tasted success in NXT together. They eventually moved to the main roster and pioneered the famous Women’s Evolution in WWE. They have had feuds in the past but they have also held the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions as The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection. 

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It is needless to mention that they share a great bond and Bayley wants Mercedes Mone back in WWE. But Mone is currently focused on finishing her ‘unfinished business’ with Willow Nightingale. On the other hand, Bayley is aiming to dethrone WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY at WrestleMania 40.