Game-Changing Money: Becky Lynch Comments On Mercedes Mone’s AEW Payday

Mercedes Mone is just starting to make her mark in AEW, but she’s been under contract for a few months already. Tony Khan has also been cutting her some very large checks in the process.

Becky Lynch and Mercedes Mone didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but The Man is happy for The CEO’s new deal. She recently commented to say that the important part of the whole thing is that women are getting paid equally to their male counterparts.

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Lynch Reacts To Mone’s Big Money Deal

Mercedes Mone’s new deal with AEW is a substantial one. In fact, she shattered the glass ceiling, and it’s now said that she is the highest-paid woman in the pro wrestling business. 

While speaking with the Orlando Sentinel, Becky Lynch touched on Mercedes Mone’s new AEW contract. She said that the important part is that women are getting paid on a higher level. Mercedes’ new deal is certainly proving that to be the case.

“I think that’s an important part, getting paid equally for the equal work and the equal position we are at right now,” Lynch said. “Women’s evolutions and revolutions are fine and well, but making sure that they equate to contracts and financial reward for these things when we are doing equal work, is hugely important.”

Mercedes Mone and WWE

It was reported that WWE and Mercedes Mone came to a financial roadblock when it came to bringing her in. It was noted that she didn’t want to be paid more than everyone on the women’s roster, but she did want to be paid what top stars are making. 

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Mercedes Mone also said that she envisions herself going back to WWE someday. She said that prior to her AEW debut, but she was still under contract. That comment ruffled some feathers within AEW. Tony Khan has since endorsed Mercedes as a possible face of AEW.

Bayley said that she begs Mercedes every chance she gets to make a WWE return. The former Damage CTRL leader was actually at AEW Big Business in Boston along with Naomi and Tamina Snuka to see Mercedes Mone’s big debut first-hand. She later said that seeing Mercedes’ debut was a bittersweet moment.