Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair Are Still Working On Repairing Their Friendship

WWE fans rejoiced last year when friends turned rivals Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair teamed up in a Wargames Match at WWE Survivor Series. For a few years, their relationship was strained and evident when they both were on TV. However, Lynch and Flair were able to reconcile and appear to be on better terms lately. 

In her new book, Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl, Lynch discusses her relationship with Flair from her perspective. She also discussed their fallout and reconciliation in depth in a recent interview with Adam Silverstein of Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast.  

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Lynch was asked about how they repaired their friendship and her thoughts on where she stands with her currently. Lynch replied that despite their issues, they still loved each other and would’ve been there for each other in bad times. She also noted the passing of her peers like Bray Wyatt and put into perspective that life is too short to hold on to past issues. 

“…Having that hostility towards somebody kind of weighs on you, you know what I mean? I think life is too short for that and we witnessed that. We’ve seen the tragic passing of people that went far too young, like Bray Wyatt, like Luke Harper, and other friends who passed away that were very close to me in the last few months too, and so all of those things I think as you grow and mature you realize that these petty differences aren’t worth the toxicity it leaves in you and the weight that it carries,” said Lynch.

She also confirmed that the interactions fans saw from them at the WWE Survivor Series were genuine and that they reconciled. 

More On Becky Lynch’s New Book

Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl is available on Amazon and other platforms in hardcover, digital, and audio. Her peers, including her husband, Seth Rollins, Stephenie McMahon, and John Cena, have praised the book. 

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One of the notable praises comes from Mick Foley, who helped inspire her to write a memoir.

Amazon shared and transcribed Foley’s thoughts on her book on their website. 

“Becky Lynch: The Man is one of the finest wrestling books—or memoirs of any kind—I have had the pleasure to read. Actually, it was equal parts, honor and pleasure; Becky allowed me in on the ground floor of her creative process, and I read with great joy as she found her voice as a writer. I am so glad she has chosen to share that voice and her remarkable life story with all of us.”

Lynch’s rollout of her new book seems to be going very well as she explores a new career venture. The hope is that she will add becoming a New York Times Best-Selling Author to her many accomplishments over the years.  

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