Becky Lynch Seeking Championship Rematch After King & Queen Of The Ring

Becky Lynch marched into Saudi Arabia as Women’s World Champions; unfortunately for The Man of WWE, that’s not how she will arrive home. Lynch lost her championship in the opening match of WWE King & Queen of The Ring, however it wasn’t without controversy. 

During the match’s closing moments, Becky Lynch looked to have the match well in hand, only to find herself distracted by a lurking Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio, seeking to ensure that Liv Morgan would not win the match, would inadvertently help Morgan secure her second World Championship.

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WWE’s Byron Saxton would catch up with Becky Lynch later in the evening, just in time to see an infuriated Lynch going off on Dirty Dom. As Saxton looked to question Lynch about her loss, The Man made it clear that the story between her and new champion Liv Morgan was far from over. 

Becky Lynch revealed that she has a rematch clause in her contract and was on her way to speak with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce to make the match official for Monday night. RAW will take place in Savannah, Georgia, on Memorial Day. 

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While Becky Lynch is looking to utilize her contract to trigger a championship match, the WWE Universe does have questions about her legitimate contract status with the company. According to multiple reports, Lynch’s contract expires in June, and as of this writing, she has not signed a new deal. 

Could Becky Lynch’s rematch against Liv Morgan be her final match on Monday Night RAW? It’s unlikely, but we must see how things play out.