Bo Dallas Directly Referenced With QR Code Mystery On 5/3 WWE SmackDown

WWE’s QR code mystery continued during the May 3, episode of SmackDown and featured a direct reference to the man behind Uncle Howdy. 

The code appeared during the entrance for the LWO ahead of Angel’s match with LA Knight. Scanning the code brings fans to what seems to be an error page on, as well as a video. The video, at first, appears to be nothing but a promotional video for the SmackDown before WWE Backlash: France before things take a macabre turn. 

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The video contains the message ‘He opened his arms. Our pain became his. We were reborn. Because we believed.’ The final word then glitches and reads ‘BOlieved.’ Fans familiar with the early career of Bo Dallas will remember the former NXT Champion’s ‘BOlieve’ gimmick as an obnoxious motivational guru. 

Dallas returned to WWE as Uncle Howdy in 2022, though has yet to be revealed as the man behind the mask on TV. It is believed (or rather, bolieved) that these QR codes are leading to the return of Uncle Howdy, potentially with a stable. Dallas/Howdy was pulled from programming after his brother Bray Wyatt was pulled due to health issues that ultimately claimed Wyatt’s life in August 2023. 

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The video also features what appears to be a woman standing alone in a room. Some fans have speculated that this is Alexa Bliss, who has ties to Bray Wyatt dating back to 2020. Bliss has been missing from WWE TV since January 2023 and gave birth to her daughter Hendrix last November. Bliss’ most recent TV appearance saw her be confronted by Uncle Howdy (albeit via Titantron) at the 2023 Royal Rumble PLE. 

With the rehiring of Erick Rowan, it certainly appears that WWE is building quite the collection of talent associated with Bray Wyatt. For now, though, fans will just have to keep deciphering clues as these QR code videos continue to have fans hooked. 

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