Braun Strowman Returns To (4/29) Raw After A Year Of Inaction

Braun Strowman has returned to WWE after a year on the shelf and he is already getting involved in high-profile angles.

The US Champion Logan Paul was in attendance for this week’s episode of Raw. He brought in some high-profile guests with him, including Superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.

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The Maverick confronted Jey Uso in a segment after the former Bloodline member called out the current champion in an interview earlier in the night. Finn Balor and JD McDonagh walked out to confront Uso as well. 

Logan Paul then borrowed three Superbowl rings from Mahomes to attack Jey as McDonagh held him up. Uso managed to duck at the right time, however, and McDonagh ended up catching the punch.

Balor and Paul joined forces to attack Jey Uso afterward but Braun Strowman’s music hit. The Monster Among Men made his return after almost a year of inaction and he choke slammed Balor.

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Logan knew better than to confront the former Universal Champion. He retreated through the crowd leaving Mahomes and his teammates from Kansas City Chiefs to confront the returning star. Jey Uso then calmed Strowman and they returned to the back.

What’s Next For Braun Strowman? 

The Monster Sized Athlete had been recovering after a neck fusion surgery for the past year. He last wrestled during the May 1st, 2023 episode of Raw, where he teamed up with Ricochet for a win over the Alpha Academy.

Strowman was drafted to Raw earlier in the night so we can expect to see him regularly on Monday Nights once again after his return.

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There is a possibility that we may see Braun going after The US Champion following their confrontation tonight. Considering Paul remains on SmackDown roster, however, a long-term feud between the two is not very likely. You can check out our draft tracker to see the other picks made during Raw.

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