Bron Breakker Suspended From WWE Raw, Still Appears To Attack Superstars

Fans shouldn’t be seeing Bron Breakker on WWE TV for the foreseeable future after being suspended, but it’s proving tough to keep the ex-NXT Champion off TV. 

During last week’s Raw, Breakker squashed Kale Dixon and the NXT up-and-comer was ruled unable to compete by a referee. That didn’t stop Breakker who continued his attack until officials stepped in. Later in the show, Breakker’s path of rage continued as he speared WWE Speed Champion Ricochet in the backstage area. 

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Brom Breakker Suspended

On the May 27, edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, Ricochet was seen in the trainers’ room. The One and Only spoke with Adam Pearce and asked for a match with Breakker only to be informed that Bron had been suspended due to his actions last week. 

With Breakker not an option, Ricochet requested a match against Ilja Dragunov from Pearce. This request was granted, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans as this match had been advertised before Monday Night Raw went on the air. This was a rematch of the pair’s King of the Ring first-round match that saw Dragunov get the win. 

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During said match and despite being suspended, Bron Breakker appeared and speared both Ricochet and Dragunov, causing the match to be called off. Pearce stormed out and berated Breakker but stopped when he recognized that the two-time former NXT Champion might attack him next. 

Breakker is expected to be a huge deal on the main roster with many seeing him as a future WWE World Champion. And while being suspended would in theory derail those plans, it seems keeping Bron out of the ring is proving easier said than done., 

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