Chris Jericho: ‘Becky Lynch Has An Option in AEW, Who Knows What Could Happen?’

Chris Jericho can’t say for sure whether Becky Lynch will soon be ‘All-Elite’ but is pleased that there’s a viable alternative for the departing WWE Superstar. 

Lynch’s contract with WWE is set to expire within a matter of days and while talks are ongoing, a deal is not expected to be reached. On this week’s Raw, Lynch unsuccessfully challenged WWE Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan in the show’s main event. Lynch was visibly emotional after the show as she waved to the fans, which some have taken as a sign that ‘The Man’ is leaving WWE.

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Watch: Becky Lynch Waves Goodbye to WWE Fans After Raw

Chris Jericho On Becky Lynch

Once she becomes a free agent, it’s virtually guaranteed that Lynch will receive offers with a deal likely from AEW. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Chris Jericho was asked about Lynch and was pleased that ‘The Man’ has an option. 

“Five years ago, Becky would have no other options. [I’m] not saying that she’s coming but there is an option and who knows what could happen? No one thought that Jericho would come to AEW. No one thought that Moxley would come or Bryan Danielson or Adam Cole or any of these guys that have come over. So it’s exciting for the fans. It’s exciting for the wrestlers, the talent, because now suddenly if there’s a bidding war that just benefits us. So I think it’s it’s very important.” 

Becky Lynch’s Future

Lynch has been telling those in WWE that she does not plan on joining AEW imminently. The former Women’s Champion is expected to take a break from wrestling for the time being. Despite this, WWE sources are confident a new deal will be reached when the time is right. Whatever comes next, fans will remain intrigued to see what the highly popular WWE Superstar does next.