Chris Jericho & WWE Reportedly Reach Agreement On Trademarks

Chris Jericho and WWE have reached an agreement on trademarks.

WWE and Chris Jericho have reportedly reached an agreement on various trademarks. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the two sides have reached a deal allowing Jericho to use his name but WWE will keep the rights to various other trademarks, including the term “Y2J”.

“WWE agreed to give Jericho the rights to use the name in exchange for Jericho giving WWE the rights to own the intellectual property of anything created by either of them,” wrote Dave Meltzer. He continued to speculate this would mean Jericho is not able to use the Money in the Bank match concept. Jericho is said to have come up with the match idea while in WWE.

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“Jericho wouldn’t be able to use the term Y2J or any of the trademarks of his other characters in WWE,” Meltzer continued.

The report continues to state that Jericho would have been able to use the name “Chris Jericho” regardless, however. This is due to his past use of the name outside of WWE. The agreement struck involves WWE acknowledging that Jericho can use the name, however.

Jericho faces Chris Jericho in a “Mimosa Mayhem Match” at All Out on September 5th, 2020. Thus far, no trademark has been granted to anyone for the term “Mimosa Mayhem”.

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