CM Punk, Seth Rollins & Drew McIntyre Were Given Plenty of Freedom for 3/25 WWE Raw Segment

Some WWE Superstars were given far more flexibility than usual with their promo during the March 25, episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. 

The penultimate Raw before WWE WrestleMania 40 took place at the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The show went off the air in shocking fashion with Cody Rhodes being left a bloodied heap by The Rock, fulfilling his promise to make the American Nightmare bleed. 

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Punk, McIntyre & Rollins on Raw

Raw also saw Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and CM Punk share a segment ahead of the World Heavyweight Championship match between Rollins and McIntyre at WrestleMania 40. The segment culminated with Punk, who’s had issues with both men, announcing he will be the guest commentator for their title match

Given Leeway

Rather than the usual scripted dialogue that is expected to be recited word-for-word, this week’s segment saw the talent given more leeway, Fightful Select reports. While there was a general outline of the direction of the promo, Punk, McIntyre, and Rollins were free to express themselves and gauge the audiences’ reaction to their improvisation. WWE Raw General Manager Adam Pearce was listed as the producer of the segment. 

Caught Off Guard

During the segment, the fans rallied for Punk to be the guest referee of the upcoming match, though the Chicago-Made star questioned if he could be objective with the two “dips**ts.” This profanity caught WWE’s production team off-guard, especially following a memo reminding talent of the importance of keeping their language PG. 

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Despite this, there were no reported issues backstage following the segment. Later in the show, The Rock also used some expletives during his beatdown on Cody Rhodes. 

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