The Rock’s Ruthless Assault Leaves Cody Rhodes Bloody on 3/25 WWE RAW

WrestleMania 40 is less than two weeks away, and they are putting things into overdrive. WWE RAW was in Chicago this week, and they closed out the show with an attention-grabbing segment.

The Rock and Cody Rhodes’ feud is heating up, and they amplified that during the March 25 episode of WWE RAW. This also included Cody Rhodes bending one of WWE’s longstanding rules about bleeding on television.

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WWE doesn’t feature blood a lot anymore. The practice of blading is really a thing of the past. They made an exception this week, as Cody Rhodes bled to hype his feud with The Rock. This was quite a ruthless way to close out WWE RAW this week.

Brutal Ending For WWE RAW

The March 25 episode of WWE RAW ended in brutal fashion, as The Rock got physical with Cody Rhodes, but the Final Boss was the one who delivered all the punishment.

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Cody Rhodes took a beatdown from The Rock backstage. Then things spilled out into the rainy Chicago night. This was also a bloody ordeal.

After The Rock beat Cody Rhodes down, pummeling him several times, the camera finally panned down to see Cody wearing a crimson mask. Then The Rock pulled out a weight belt that said “Mama Rhodes” on it. 

The Rock smeared Cody’s blood all over that weight belt, and it was a gruesome sight for WWE’s TV-PG programming. This is also a rarity to see blood on WWE television.

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How It Started

The Rock was not happy about how things ended during the opening segment with Cody Rhodes. He whispered something in Cody’s ear at the end of the segment, and fans didn’t hear what he had to say. It probably had something to do with this beatdown.

Many fans thought that The Rock said, “tonight I’m gonna make you bleed” to Cody at the beginning of the show. If that is the case, then he certainly fulfilled that promise.

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