Dominik Mysterio On Liv Morgan Romance Rumors: ‘I’m Innocent Until Proven Guilty’

Dominik Mysterio is maintaining his innocence amid speculation that he and Liv Morgan may be getting ‘close’ now that Rhea Ripley isn’t around. 

In recent weeks, there have been clues on WWE TV that Morgan and Mysterio may be a lot chummier than it first seems. The pair were seen leaving the same room backstage during an episode of Raw. More recently, Liv was seen leaving a vehicle, and later on, Dominik’s Judgment Day ally Finn Balor exited the same car. Speculation of the pair has run rife on social media, especially after Morgan shared a photo of herself with Dominik’s signature bandana

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty!

Given Mysterio’s (kayfabe) relationship with Rhea Ripley, many have been highly suspicious of how close he and Liv have seemingly been getting. When confronted about the rumors on the Ringer Wrestling Show, Mysterio took a legal approach to the accusations. 

“I think at the end of the day, everyone is innocent till proven guilty. And I’m just… I’m here protecting Mami. And I’m trying to make sure she’s good when she comes back and that everything is all set in order.”

Rhea Ripley has been out of action since April after she suffered an injury at the hands of Morgan during a backstage attack. This injury led to Ripley vacating the WWE Women’s World Championship, a fact that Morgan (the last woman to pin Ripley) has relished in.

Could Morgan’s ‘revenge’ tour see her try and replace Rhea Ripley, not just as Mysterio’s partner but also as a member of The Judgment Day? Time will tell…