Drew McIntyre Visits Chicago Landmark Connected To CM Punk’s Rant Before AEW Brawl Out

CM Punk is out of action as he recovers from a triceps injury. WWE is in Chicago for RAW this week, and Punk will be there. McIntyre will be there as well, and he isn’t letting go of their beef.

Drew McIntyre visited a spot in Chicago to take a little jab at the Second City Savior while he was there. Mindy’s Bakery provided Punk with the muffins he ate while he ranted about the Young Bucks and Colt Cabana just before Brawl Out went down. McIntyre doesn’t want Punk to forget about that.

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Drew McIntyre’s Latest Troll At CM Punk

CM Punk went off during the 2022 AEW All Out media scrum. He was angry, bloody, and hungry. As he vented after the pay-per-view, he also ate some muffins from Mindy’s Bakery. That spot has become a very famous location for pro wrestling fans, and Drew McIntyre couldn’t resist.

WWE is in Chicago for RAW this week. Drew McIntyre will be there, and he will continue his road to WrestleMania. The Celtic Warrior couldn’t help but take a shot at CM Punk before the show.

McIntyre showed up at Mindy’s Bakery, with a CM Punk shirt on, and he was very happy to see the establishment first-hand. Sadly, they are closed on Monday and Tuesdays, so he didn’t get anything to eat.

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CM Punk will be on RAW this week. He could bring a very unexpected element to the show. McIntyre will be watching that segment closely, and he will also be ready for Punk’s return from injury.


Drew McIntyre’s WWE Future

At last report, Drew McIntyre has not inked a new WWE contract. The former WWE Champion’s deal is set to run up after WrestleMania.

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WWE is advertising McIntyre for events after his contract is set to expire. The fact that he is giving so much effort into trolling CM Punk is also a possible sign that he plans on sticking around.

McIntyre’s contract did have some time tacked onto it as an extension due to time he got off due to injury in 2023. SEScoops will have more on this story, and many more, so please keep checking back throughout the day.

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