Drew McIntyre Ruthlessly Mocks CM Punk For Hyping His WWE 2K24 Character

CM Punk hyped his return to WWE 2K24 in style and he took cheeky jabs at his arch-nemesis Drew McIntyre in the process. However, ‘The Scottish Warrior’ is not a man to hold back his thoughts and fired back at Punk. 

The Chicago legend is making his return to the game as a playable character for the first time in ten long years. ‘The Second City Savior’ is among several other legends as part of the downloadable content, ‘ECW Punk Pack’ that the WWE 2K24 gamers can access with a Season Pass. WWE legends such as Terry Funk, Dudley Boyz, and Sandman are also part of the pack. Taking to his Instagram account, CM Punk posted a video message to promote the game and took a jibe at McIntyre. Here is what he said:  

“Good news, everybody. CM Punk is finally available to play in WWE 2K24. It’s making waves on the internet, so you know Drew McIntyre’s watching it. I’m put in the Punk Pack, that includes myself and some hardcore legends from ECW like Sandman, The Dudleyz, and the most hardcore legend of all, Terry Funk.”

“Now Drew, if you are watching this, let’s face it, it’s on the internet, so you’re watching it. You can finally play as your favorite wrestler and human being, me. CM Punk. Hope you have a terrible day, pal.”

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Drew McIntyre responds

‘The Scottish Warrior’ noticed Punk’s remarks and responded on X. He played a video clip of Punk in the WWE 2K24 game where he could be seen hobbling after performing a top rope move. ‘The Scottish Warrior’ yet again mocked Punk for his injury and wrote: 

“lol he’s in the game for one day and already hurt”


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CM Punk sustained a torn tricep injury at Royal Rumble 2024 and McIntyre has been taking credit for the same. He has been mocking Punk for the same ever since. Punk is currently sidelined but he has shown impressive recovery after surgery. He even dropped the brace six weeks after undergoing surgery. 

As Punk has showcased a great recuperation, reports suggest that he might be back in a matter of the next few months and even compete at the SummerSlam Premium Live Event in August.