Drew McIntyre Speaks Of A Different Sacrifice While Pursuing WWE Dream

Drew McIntyre came to a sobering realization when he was home in Scotland for a friend’s wedding.

Speaking with SHAK Wrestling of CBS Sports, the number one contender for Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship opened up about how he recently got to see a great deal of his friends in Scotland, some of which he hasn’t seen in over a decade because his longtime friend Blair was getting married.

“I had seen people who were friends who I had not seen in 20 years. I’ve been gone for legitimately 17 years from Scotland to growing up in America. I was part of WWE. It hit me. ‘Wow, I’ve missed a lot. I feel kind of guilty about it.'”

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McIntyre said that he was constantly of the mindset that he was the one making the sacrifice leaving home, traveling to shows and putting in the work to become a pro wrestler, but that recent visit made him think that it has been his family and friends, not himself, making the sacrifice.

“They gave up their son, their nephew, their brother, and their uncle who has missed so many important events because he’s chasing his dream and they encourage me to chase my dream. I really started wising up to that and I felt very guilty.”

Drew McIntyre Plans To Pay His Family’s Sacrifice Off At WrestleMania 40

Two targets Drew McIntyre hasn’t shown any ounce of guilt for his his handling of Seth Rollins or CM Punk. In pursuit for a WrestleMania main event, McIntyre has found a new heel self on WWE television and on the 3/25 episode of WWE Raw, McIntyre greatly took aim at the injuried CM Punk. 

However, he’ll have to face Rollins in Philly while Punk will be behind the commentary table, but McIntyre did make note how rewarding it will be if he gets to hand the gold over to someone special back in Scotland.

“I want to give my family that title. I want to give my dad that title,” McIntyre said. “I want to put that title in his hands and say, ‘Here it is. This is what it was all about since I was five years old and you would constantly be telling my brother and I to stop wrestling around the bedroom. … I finally have it and I can finally give it to you and I can finally say, ‘Hey, I did it. I’m the champion of the world.'”