Goldberg: ‘Current-Day Morons Wouldn’t Last Two Seconds Against Me In The Ring’

Bill Goldberg feels that fans have quickly forgotten just how much of a beast he was in WCW, perhaps thanks in part to his run in the ring in recent years. 

During his WCW tenure, Goldberg flattened opponent after opponent to rack up a (contested) undefeated streak of 173-0. It was only thanks to Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and a stun cane that this streak was eventually ended at WCW Starrcade 1998. The Hall of Famer would rack up a similar (albeit shorter) winning streak upon joining WWE in March 2023 before being bested by Triple H (again with help) at that year’s SummerSlam. 

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Goldberg On Today’s Morons

Despite his impressive career, Goldberg’s legacy has taken a battering of its own in recent years, thanks in part to his booking during his most recent WWE run. Racking up losses to Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Drew McIntyre, as well as an error-laden showdown with The Undertaker, would lead to a consensus among many fans that Goldberg was a ‘has been’ who was no longer able to go in the ring.

 Speaking on the Von Erich podcast, Goldberg hit out at this consensus and argued that many today wouldn’t hang with him in his prime. 

“People forgot about me and the fact that I’d go out there and absolutely smashed people and then leave. Now, the audacity to think that any of these morons could stand two seconds with me? It’s funny that people’s identities get wiped away quite quickly.

Goldberg On Bret Hart

Part of Goldberg’s legacy in wrestling is tied to Bret Hart as it was a kick from Goldberg that resulted in the concussion that would ultimately end Hart’s career. While Goldberg has apologized for years, Hart has never shied away from mocking Goldberg and his skills. In the interview, Bill made reference to the Hitman. 

“I’m not even gonna mention his name, the moron I kicked in the head, but unfortunately, things like that happen. It’s a rough business. As long as there’s not malicious intent, I mean, hey bro, you’re in the wrong business if you b***h and moan about getting slapped or getting punched errantly.”

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Ultimately, Goldberg will continue to share how he feels about the wrestling world and his past with Bret Hart. While Goldberg has said he hopes to have one final match before he hangs up his boots for good, it was said in April 2024 that such a retirement match isn’t in the works anymore.  

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