Logan Paul Responds to LA Knight’s Challenge

On the May 31st edition of Friday Night SmackDown, The Mega Star, LA Knight wasted little time clarifying his next goal in WWE, and he doesn’t seem willing to accept no for an answer. 

Knight entered SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis’ office at the beginning of the evening and directly asked him where the WWE United States Champion Logan Paul was. Later, WWE backstage reporter Kayla Braxton caught up with LA Knight, asking him what he and the GM spoke about. The former TNA World Champion made it clear he was coming for the gold around Logan Paul’s waist. 

“You wanna know what we were talkin’ about? … Here’s the answer I can give you, there wasn’t much to tell ya. Nick didn’t have much for me. The only answer he had for me was that Logan Paul isn’t here this week…

…[Well] I’m here, I’m in Albany, I’m here at SmackDown – YEAH! – and what that means is if I’m not gonna get the answer I want, than I’ll make the answer I want. So what I’m telling you right now, Logan Paul – I want that United States Championship!”

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While the reigning United States Champion was not at SmackDown this week in Albany, The Maverick did find time to record a response to LA Knight’s Challenge. In a 20-second clip posted on social media, Logan Paul laughed and mocked Knight’s challenge. Dismissing him and making it clear that he doesn’t care what he wants.

“You want what I have huh? *Laughts* That’s funny brother, here’s the thing, I don’t give a damn what you want. I don’t care, I’m chillin’ and I’m livin’ my life – as the champ. Went on a date with my honey tonight, she’s pregnant. I got a whole life ahead of me, but that life doesn’t involve you! *laughs*” 

Not even a few minutes later, The Mega Star would respond with his own social media post. Sharing a photo of the two men standing face-to-face with a short message saying, “Whenever you’re ready, Champ.”  

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While the two have never competed in a one-on-one match, they have crossed paths with each other multiple times before. Both men competed in the 2023 Men’s Money In The Bank Match in London, England, and the 2024 Men’s Elimination Chamber match in Perth, Australia. 

The WWE Universe has been clamoring to see LA Knight have championship success on the main roster. While always close, Knight is always just out of reach of the brass ring. Could the 41-year-old finally get his big win and be the man to end Logan Paul’s over 200-day reign? We will have to wait and see!