Liv Morgan Becomes New WWE Women’s World Champion At King & Queen Of The Ring

Liv Morgan is your new WWE Women’s World Champion after there was some chicanery by Dominik Mysterio.

Lynch and Morgan kicked off the PLE fesitivities for King & Queen Of The Ring as the WWE Women’s World Title match started off the show. 

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As customary for the WWE women in Saudi Arabia, both Liv and Becky wore full-body attire as Becky donned basically a black tuxedo while Morgan wore a full-body red catsuit.

The fight was even-matched with both the champion and challenger getting the competitive edge. In the match, Liv and Lynch both had their finishers reversed and the live crowd in Saudi were very vocal during the fight.

Lynch and Morgan traded punches before the two traded a series of submissions and pin attempts. Lynch locked Morgan in a Disarmer, but matters changed after Dominik Mysterio entered at ringside through the crowd. That caused Lynch to be distracted and Morgan hit a Codebreaker for a near fall. The fight surprisingly continued.

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Lynch hit a superplex and Dom slid in a chair to “assist” Becky, but Morgan ended up hitting an Oblivion on the chair to become the new Women’s World Champion.

Mysterio has been angling that he wanted to look out for Lynch, but Becky has made clear she didn’t want his help. Lynch sure didn’t get it as Morgan has further cemented her “revenge tour.”

Post-fight, Dominik looks despondent as Morgan celebration begins with fireworks. However, this could all be a ploy as there’s been a good deal of teases that Dom and Liv have been hiding a relationship with one another while Rhea Ripley has been out with injury.

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