Liv Morgan’s Romantic Pursuit Of Dominik Mysterio Continues On 6/3 WWE RAW

Liv Morgan shocked the WWE Universe when she defeated Becky Lynch in a steel cage match on RAW last week. Then she doubled-down on that by kissing Dominik Mysterio. They opened this week’s show by continuing that storyline.

The WWE Women’s World Champion started RAW by welcoming fans to the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour. She said that while some claim revenge isn’t as sweet as it seems, she disagreed. Morgan gloated about taking out Rhea Ripley and becoming Women’s World Champion. She added that she put Becky Lynch into early retirement last week, and the cherry on top was kissing Dominik Mysterio.

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Dominik’s music hit, and he made his way out. The injured Judgment Day member said he didn’t know what game she was playing, but Rhea Ripley wasn’t playing it.

He also said that The Nightmare will “kill” her when she comes back. Morgan replied that Ripley will probably “kill” Dominik, too. This is interesting, because the term “kill” has been on WWE’s banned words list for a long time, because that’s just a promise you can’t deliver on in a pro wrestling match if you expect to keep making money in the business.

Liv Morgan then asked how long Dirty Dom would keep lying to himself. Morgan followed up as she said Dominik came to the ring last week to be closer to her. She moved closer to him, saying she wanted to take everything from Ripley, including him. Dominik backed away as Morgan flirted with him. Liv said that she meant it when she said she is going to take everything from Rhea Ripley, and that includes Dominik Mysterio.

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Suddenly, Finn Bálor entered the ring and told Morgan that Dominik and Judgment Day wanted nothing to do with her. Morgan asked Bálor “what if Dominik didn’t want her to leave,” but agreed to exit the ring. Morgan flirted with Dominik once more by playing with his hair before she left.

This is obviously not the end of this storyline, as things are just heating up. Rhea Ripley is out of action with an A/C joint injury, which usually takes two to three months to recover. So, Morgan may not have much longer to play her games until The Nightmare returns.

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Later on, in a backstage segment, Finn advised Dominik to not play with fire. When WWE World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest asked about the situation, Finn assured him that it was taken care of. Dominik Mysrterio said that he has spoken to Rhea, and he’s giving Mami “her space.”

After WWE RAW was over, Morgan carried on with her Dirty Dom obsession. While quoting Katy Perry’s breakout hit, the WWE Women’s World Champion proclaimed that she kissed a boy, and she liked it.