Logan Paul: ‘I’ll Become WWE Champion If I Put My Mind To It’

Logan Paul has already captured the WWE United States Championship, but the Maverick sees a richer prize waiting for him if he fully ‘commits’ to wrestling.

Since arriving in WWE in 2021, Paul has impressed fans with both his character work and his skills in the ring. At WWE Crown Jewel 2023, Paul captured the U.S. Championship from Rey Mysterio, albeit under controversial circumstances thanks to the use of his signature brass knuckles. At close to 250 days, Paul’s reign is the second-longest U.S. title reign of the past decade, and he is the longest reigning champion of any current title-holder in WWE today.

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Logan Paul On The WWE Championship

With Paul excelling as U.S. Champion, it’s hardly a surprise that some have speculated whether more gold could be in his future. On his ImPaulsive podcast, the Maverick addressed the possibility of becoming WWE Champion.

“I’m going to do it, bro. I think I could become [WWE] champ if I just put my mind to it and commit. I like it.”

While Paul has yet to win a WWE World Championship, that’s not for lack of trying. At WWE Crown Jewel 2022, Paul came up short against then-Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns and suffered an injury in the match. He would return to action in the following January’s Men’s Royal Rumble match that was won by Cody Rhodes.

A year later, Paul shared the ring with Rhodes at WWE King And Queen Of The Ring for Cody’s Undisputed WWE Championship. Paul’s return to Saudi Arabia would not go like his U.S. title victory as he would fall short against the American Nightmare.

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WWE Champion Logan Paul: Could It Happen?

The idea of putting a World Championship on Logan Paul would certainly be controversial given the lineage of the title he’d be winning. Fans will immediately point to David Arquette’s doomed WCW World Heavyweight title win in 2000 which hurt the company and the title more than it helped. Arquette, a prolific wrestling fan, was against the title change but went along with it under the hope it’d help garner interest (and money) in the Ready to Rumble film.

Unlike WCW-era Arquette, Paul has more than proven he belongs in the ring and even his most ardent of critics can’t deny his skills. As a natural heel, Paul relishes in getting fans to hate him, and having him win the title would certainly do just that. Whether WWE would be willing to withstand a potential real backlash against the company in their efforts to have Paul be a top heel, however, is the $64,000 question.