Mark Henry Impressed With AJ Styles’ Fake Retirement Segment On SmackDown

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has showered praise on AJ Styles for his fake retirement segment on SmackDown.

Style’s segment was similar to Mark Henry’s iconic ‘Retirement’ segment. Back in 2013, ‘The World’s Strongest Man,’ wearing a salmon pink suit, teased his retirement. He even gave a passionate speech and tearfully bid adieu to the fans. He pretended that he had his last battle. 

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However, then-WWE Champion John Cena approached to hug him but Henry laid him out with the World’s Strongest Slam, creating one of the most iconic moments in Henry’s career. AJ Styles pulled off the same trick and it worked wonders for him. 

Taking to his X account, Mark Henry praised AJ Styles for taking a page out of his book. He wrote:

”…..well done AJ @BustedOpenRadio @WWE”

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AJ Styles has his sights set on Cody Rhodes

AJ Styles was denied a second title shot against Cody Rhodes and he decided to take things in his hands. On last night’s SmackDown, ‘The Phenomenal One’ teased his retirement and addressed the fans. He called out Cody Rhodes to the ring and they shared an emotional moment. However, fans were stunned when Styles launched a brutal attack on ‘The American Nightmare.’ The former WWE Champion proceeded to hit Styles Clash on Rhodes from ring steps to the floor to end the show. 

‘The Phenomenal One’ had been attempting to claim the Undisputed WWE Champion for a long time. He failed to capture the title when Roman Reigns was the champ. He had another shot at the title when he challenged Cody Rhodes at last month’s Backlash: France. However, he once again endured a defeat. That match marked the first time they battled. It seems that AJ Styles is not yet backing down from getting another title shot.