Matt Riddle Pays Homage To Randy Orton With A Swimming Pool RKO

Matt Riddle made sure the wrestling world knows he hasn’t forgot Randy Orton, bro.

Since being released by WWE back in September, Riddle has found his own groove on the independent wrestling scene but has had some stops in other name promotions such as NJPW and Major League Wrestling.

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Riddle literally got to cool off his momentum at a Valley Wrestling Connection event over the weekend when he was wrestling The Vegan Superman outside and there so happened to be a swimming pool nearby. Matt made the most of the moment and delivered a beauty of a RKO into the deep end.

With his release from WWE, fans were left wondering as to where Matt Riddle was going to land and he did make his return to MLW after a five-year absence. Riddle also happened to win the NJPW World TV Title for a time, but he’s really been on a roll with MLW. The Super King Of Bros has been undefeated since coming back to the league and earlier this month, he won Battle Riot VI earning him a World Title shot at the time of his choosing.

The current MLW World Champion happens to be the promotion’s first ever champion, Satoshi Kojima. Kojima beat Alex Kane for the championship and is the first person in the league to hold multiple championships at the same time.

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