MVP Hopes Stem Cell Therapy Will Extend His Wrestling Career

WWE star MVP has confirmed that he isn’t retired from in-ring competition, despite not competing in the squared circle for nearly two years.

The 50-year-old wrestler also revealed that he is going to go through stem cell therapy, which will prepare him for an in-ring return.

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“I’m getting ready for my stem cell therapy trip to Mexico,” MVP wrote in a video post on Instagram. “Getting my body ready. I want to wrestle a bit more before I hang them up for good! What do you think?”

In the video, MPV revealed he got his heavy work out done for the day and was leaving the gym. The former WWE U.S. Champion revealed that he will be leaving for Mexico in two weeks to get his stem cell therapy done. He added that he’s looking forward to the procedure because his shoulders and knees have been “beat up pretty bad.”

“I haven’t officially retired yet,” MVP added. “I feel like I need a few more matches before I officially hang up my boots. I know I got a little bit in me. What do you guys think?”

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One More Run for MVP

MVP had issued the clarification that he wasn’t retired last year as well, and it seems like he is clear on not hanging up his boots yet. 

The wrestler, who is also known as Montel Vontavious Porter, was last seen competing in the ring in a tag team match at the 18 July 2022 episode of Raw. He teamed up with Omos against The Street Profits, who won via DQ.

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His last win in WWE was against Cedric Alexander on the 13 June edition of Raw on the same year. This was also MVP’s second-last match.