Naomi: ‘Now Is The Best Time To Be A Woman In The Wrestling Business’

There has perhaps never been a better time to be a woman in the world of professional wrestling, according to WWE SmackDown Superstar Naomi. 

The treatment of women in WWE has made leaps and bounds over the past ten years after decades of female talent being seen as an afterthought at best or titillation for male fans at worst. Nowadays, the women of WWE can be found headlining Premium Live Events and being part of complex storylines that revolve around more than a man or a title. 

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Naomi On Today’s Era for Women

A 15-year veteran of the industry, Naomi has certainly seen the wrestling world change its stance on women dramatically. Speaking to Fault Magazine, Naomi discussed how the industry has changed. 

“I think now is the best the business has ever been for a female wrestler thanks to women over the decades continuously breaking down barriers. I’ve seen a lot of growth and change in the industry since I started my career in 2009 with the way women are represented and treated in the business!

“Slowly but showly women wrestlers have and are continuing to prove that we are draws, deserve the tv time and wages equal to the men. 

Naomi has been a part of that change in the wrestling industry. In 2022, Naomi and Mercedes Mone walked out of WWE, unhappy about the creative plans for the then-Women’s Tag Team Champions. The plan had been for both to enter (and likely lose) singles title feuds, a storyline that wouldn’t have been made for the men’s tag champions at the time. 

Upon joining TNA Wrestling in 2023, Naomi (who went by Trinity) would be featured as one of the company’s top stars, a position that until recent years was rarely held by a woman. Now back in WWE, Naomi remains focused on showing what women can do in the ring and demonstrating why success in the industry should not be defined by sex.