Randy Orton Talks WWE Retirement, Auditioning For Acting Roes

WWE fans are enjoying the latest run Randy Orton is on after a potential career-ending injury. After more than a year out of action dealing with a back injury, he returned to WWE Survivor Series on November 25, 2023. Since then, he has been regularly featured on TV and competing with the best in the company. Although he has shared that he feels he’s entering his prime in his career, Orton is not opposed to taking the right opportunity in Hollywood. 

In an interview with Adam’s Apple, Orton revealed that the United Talent Agency represents him and has done auditions. 

“…I’m with UTA, and I do turn in auditions. Do some self-tape here and there, but sometimes I’ll see these roles pop up a year or two years later that I don’t get, and I’ll see it and say, Man, I’m glad I didn’t get that role,” said Orton. 

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He noted how difficult it could be to wrestle for WWE, commit to his acting career, and be involved with his family. He also doesn’t want to take a role that doesn’t do anything for himself. 

Randy Orton On When He Plans To Retire

Despite wanting to focus on his wrestling career, Orton has acknowledged that he may have a few years left as a competitor. In the interview, he spoke about dealing with injuries at 35 and how the company leadership under Vince McMahon could be grueling to a talent’s body. However, Orton notes that times have changed with the new regime, and he is allowed to take time off to heal.

“…It’s a great atmosphere to okay how can we make this guy last and the beauty of it is, I’m not even there yet. I feel so great after my surgery. I’m a full-time guy,” said Orton.

The former WWE Champion also shared that he doesn’t want a schedule like The Undertaker, where he may wrestle for significant events like WrestleMania. While he feels in great shape, the 44-year-old believes he may end his career in six years. 

“…I want to be on the road every week. I want to make all the TVs. I want to be on all the PLEs (Premium Live Events), and at 44, just turned 44, I would love to be able to go into my 50s. Maybe I wrestle until I’m 50 and call it, and that’s 30 years with the same company,” said Orton. 

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While there may be questions about whether Orton’s body can maintain wrestling for another six years, he is currently in the best shape of his career. The changes in WWE have also made it possible for him to improve his health. For now, fans can enjoy Randy Orton on Smackdown as he hopes to show that he is just reaching his peak.