Sheamus Wants To Be Called “Burger King” After Winning King Of The Ring

Sheamus is hungry for the King of The Ring crown, fella. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ made his memorable return to WWE over a week ago on WWE RAW and quite the chatter revolved around Sheamus’ new waist size. 

While the former WWE Champ hasn’t missed a beat in the ring, Sheamus has clearly put on a couple pounds and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans or his colleagues. Fortunately for Sheamus, he’s self-aware of his own size.

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This past week on RAW, Sheamus confronted an old friend in Drew McIntyre, noting that he took his eye off the ball at WrestleMania and blew his World Title reign to a one-armed CM Punk. Sheamus shot straight with McIntyre, but so did Drew, criticizing his long-time buddy’s noticable weight gain. Sheamus laughed off the criticism, noting to McIntyre that he’s been getting at better one-liners.

McIntyre sat at ringside to witness Sheamus defeat RAW, but his comments on Sheamus’ size lingered long after the tape stopped rolling.

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Sheamus took to social media to share a picture of the longtime creepy Burger King mascot, indicating that he wants to be known has the “Burger King” after he wins the King Of The Ring in Saudi Arabia.

Sheamus Takes Another Shot At Drew McIntyre

Sheamus wasn’t finished with his quips against McIntyre, but neither was Drew. McIntyre shared the classic Scott Steiner interview clip calling Samoa Joe “fat.” 

Sheamus shot back, stating once more that McIntyre fumbled his shot at a lengthy World Title reign.

“After you gave him a deranged lapdance at Mania… CM Punk Kicked Your Arse.”

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