Shelton Benjamin Confirms Scrapped Plans For Hurt Business Reunion

Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin has confirmed that WWE scrapped plans for a Hurt Business reunion last year.

The Bobby Lashley-led faction was one of the highlights of the WWE programming during the pandemic era. With Lashley being presented as a dominant heel, the storyline quickly became a fan favorite. The decision to disband the group in early 2022 left fans puzzled and many people to this day believe that the whole thing had a lot of untapped potential.

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During a recent interview with Metro, Benjamin said that he considers the faction to be one of his ‘defining contributions’ to the business and claimed that it was cut too short. He then revealed that there was talk of reviving the group last year but it never came to fruition:

“There was definitely conversation and planning for the Hurt Business to make a return. And then things just changed. They set dates, the dates changed and things changed. And then suddenly it was like, ‘Nope, we’re just not doing it.’ And that was… that was a kick in the balls. [laughs]”

One Of The Biggest Mishaps: Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin admitted that the decision was not in their hands and whatever the call maybe they have to live with it and move on. Though he still mentioned how the faction had the potential to elevate all its members:

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“I love being a part of helping people succeed. But in the case of the Hurt Business, I felt like there was so much more for every individual in that to really elevate themselves within the company. And I think the fact that there was no Hurt Business versus Bloodline war is one of the biggest mishaps in pro wrestling”

WWE had teased a Hurt Business reunion in early 2023 when Benjamin reunited with Cedric Alexander with MVP taking credit for it. MVP even accompanied the duo at the ringside for a match but the angle was then quietly dropped. Shelton Benjamin was later released from the company in September 2023.