NFL to WWE: The Miz Offers to Train Jason Kelce If He Wants to Make Pro Wrestling Jump

Philadelphia is going to be booming for WrestleMania. Celebs like Meek Mill may be around for the show of shows. You also never know who will make an appearance to take in the showcase of the immortals.

WWE is gearing up for WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, and there are a ton of potential appearances for the show. Former Philadelphia Eagles standout Jason Kelce and his brother, Travis Kelce may just show up. If Jason wants to train in the ring, The Miz is even down to help out.

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The Kelce Brothers in WWE

Seth Rollins already extended an invitation for the Kelce brothers to attend WrestleMania 40. They might just take him up on that offer.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, The Miz was asked about the idea of the Kelce brothers’ potential venture into the pro wrestling world. 

“The way I look at is [as] more of a fan of the Kelces. I’ve played golf with Travis, and what an incredible human being. Even when we were golfing, I was like, ‘When are you coming to WWE? When are you coming to WrestleMania? Jason, I’ve never met him, but those are Cleveland guys, and that guy, he’s played for Philadelphia, it seems like a home run to me. But who knows? He’s retired. He might just want to relax and chill out. Or he’d like to come to Philadelphia for WrestleMania,”

The Miz Offers to Train Jason Kelce

The Miz expressed interest in training Jason Kelce to become a WWE Superstar, “Hell yeah. I’d train him into a superstar. As big of a superstar as he is in the NFL, we’ll make him as big of a superstar in WWE. He could be very dangerous in a WWE ring.” 

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He highlighted Jason Kelce’s athleticism and charisma, suggesting he could excel in various aspects of WWE. Additionally, The Miz acknowledged Kelce’s versatility and suggested promising opportunities in WWE or other ventures.

The recently retired NFL center’s future endeavors remain uncertain, so he jus may take The Miz up on that offer.