Titus O’Neil New Book Available For Pre-Order

WWE wrestler Titus O’Neil recently announced that his second book Wrestling With Fatherhood – My Championship Journey To My Greatest Title: Dad will be released soon and it is now available for pre-order. 

O’Neil took to his X account and announced that fans can pre-order his second book on Amazon.

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This marks his second book after releasing his first book, There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Kid in 2019. Titus O’Neil has had an illustrious career in college football and later transitioned into a pro wrestler. While he is a former WWE Tag Team Champion and WWE 24/7 Champion, he feels that being a father is his greatest achievement.

In 2015, he was also named the Celebrity Father of the Year. In his new book, O’Neil has shared his successes and failures in parenting his three children and remains hopeful that others can learn from his experiences.

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Titus O’Neil became a father for the first time 20 years ago with the birth of his first son, and his second followed a couple of years later. The former WWE Tag Team Champion grew up without his father but he learned how to raise two babies on his own and later adopted a teenage daughter. 

His new book captures his several trials and helps guide the parents in similar situations. Each chapter of his book discusses an important parenting topic along with anecdotes, advice, and commentary from his celebrity friends.

Titus O’Neil hasn’t competed inside the squared circle in almost four years. His last match took place in November 2020 on Monday Night Raw as he challenged then-U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley. Many fans feel he has wrestled his last match for the company. However, O’Neil has snubbed the notion. Read more below: 

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