Update On Plans For WWE Women’s Intercontinental And U.S. Titles

The WWE Universe may see women’s Intercontinental and U.S. titles introduced to the main roster, though an official decision has yet to be made.

Last week, reports circulated that WWE had women’s versions of the Intercontinental and United States Championships in the works. These titles would serve a similar role to their male equivalents and be mid-card titles on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown.

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While Fightful Select could not confirm that these titles are in the works, they have been discussed within WWE. The initial report included images of championships (as seen in the image for this article,) though these are examples AI art and not real championship belts. Talent who spoke to Fightful said they’ve not heard news of any upcoming mid-card championships, but it is something that a number of talent have pushed for over several years.

The Case for Women’s Mid-Card Championships

WWE introduced its first Women’s mid-card championship at WWE NXT Battleground when Kelani Jordan won the NXT Women’s North American Title. Since her six-woman ladder match victory, Jordan has retained against Michin, Izzi Dame, and most recently Sol Ruca.

Several notable names have gone on record pushing for women’s mid-card championships to be introduced in WWE. Before her September 2023 release, Dana Brooke (now TNA’s Ash By Elegance) said she hoped her reigns as 24/7 Champion would see the title become a mid-card belt for the women’s roster. Raquel Rodriguez, who has held gold in both WWE NXT and the main roster, said in 2022 that she was pushing for a mid-card title for women.

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Bayley Wants to See WWE Introduce a Women’s Mid-Card Championship

It’s not just the women of WWE who believe in more mid-card titles on the main roster. WWE NXT commentator Booker T has thrown his support to such a title. Fellow WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has said such titles would benefit the increasingly deep Women’s division on Raw and SmackDown. It remains to be seen whether these titles ever see the light of day, but it seems the idea isn’t off the table in WWE.

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