WWE Fires Company’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Another WWE executive has departed from the company.

Beth Fisher, WWE’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, was let go after 13 years with the company per Post Wrestling. This follows many other employee departures due to the TKO merger finalized last fall.

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Fisher started with WWE in August 2011 as an assistant to Vince McMahon. She later became a senior manager in the Marketing and Communications department and was promoted to her most recent role in November 2019.

Her release adds to the list of notable departures in the past month. Our 2024 release and departure tracker has been updated. We’re sending our best to everyone that WWE has cut in recent memory, and we’re hoping they find new work very soon.

Michael Levin, Vice President of International Events and General Manager of Emerging Markets, was let go on May 11. Steve Rubin, who had been with WWE for 26 years and was the Senior Director of TV Event Relations, also left the company on the same day.

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Kristen Prouty, who had been instrumental in securing the Logan Paul deal, held the position of Senior VP of Entertainment Relations for nearly 20 years. Her release was announced on May 23.

Tavia Hartley, listed as a Talent Operations and Appearances Manager, was also released, with news of her departure breaking on May 23.

Senior Vice President of Entertainment Relations Kristen Prouty, who had worked with the company since 2000, was also cut.